Are you thinking of selling your business? If you are, it is important to remember the importance of keeping your business sale ready in order to maximise your return.

Some of the ways you can keep your business fit for sale include:

  • Ensuring that your premises is presentable before going into the market.
  • Ensuring that your lease and its terms are favourable.
  • By working on your business, identifying and fixing any weaknesses/threats.
  • By reinvesting capital in areas such as marketing, technology, people, systems, training etc. You must remember that maintaining the status quo is not always enough to overcome your competition.
  • By embracing your industry with training and personal development. You should look to offer additional products or services that compliment what you already offer.
  • By investing in staff that share your vision. A friendly and productive staff culture is crucial to any successful business.
  • By getting an objective appraisal of your business from a business broker or accountant. This will provide you with the financial details of how much your business is worth and could help you decide whether or not to sell.

In relation to the sale of your business, we can help you with:

  • Preparation for sale
  • Undertaking due diligence
  • Review of figures/valuation
  • Preparation of relevant legal documents

If you require any further information or help in relation to selling your business, please do not hesitate to contact us at The Quinn Group on (02) 9223 9166 or submit an online enquiry form today.