How to Sell your Business?

Are you wanting to sell your business but are concerned that you may lose staff, suppliers and business if word that a sale is on the cards gets out? Here at The Quinn Group we understand that exposure of the intentions of business owners to sell their business may be detrimental to the business itself, and we have the systems in place and the experienced staff on hand to ensure that confidential sales successfully take place.

The first step to ensuring that the sale of your business does not jeopardize the running of your business is to have a well devised marketing campaign that describes your business in terms specific enough to attract legitimate buyers, but vague enough so as to not make your business identifiable. Once you have engaged an appropriate agent to market the sale of your business appropriately, the experienced lawyers here at Quinns can then step in to ensure that all potential buyers are prevented from sharing with anyone else any information relating to the sale that may come into their possession.

To do this, the lawyers at Quinns will ensure that all potential buyers are bound by the terms of a carefully constructed and tailor made confidentiality agreements. You can rest easy knowing that these agreements will prevent the detrimental spread of information regarding your business, and will ensure that your suppliers, employees and competitors do not catch wind of the intended sale.

Once bound by the terms of the confidentiality agreement, deeper and more serious discussions can be had with the potential buyer, with them eventually being given all the relevant information necessary for them to determine whether or not they would like to make an offer.

If, after a period of due diligence, the purchaser decides that they no longer wish to complete the purchase, or, if an offer made by the purchaser is not accepted by you as the business owner, the purchaser will continue to be bound by the confidentiality agreement. This means that all information provided to them must be returned, and all information mentally retained by them kept under wraps. Your information is still safe even if the sale does not eventuate.

Here at The Quinn Group we take confidentiality seriously and understand your concerns. We know that the processes involved in selling a business can be quite complicated, especially when you want to do it behind closed doors. If you are preparing your business for sale and are unsure as to whether a standard sale has the potential to be detrimental to your business, or if you wish to sell your business confidentially, please contact us on (02) 9223 9166 to make an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers, or submit an enquiry online.