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Michael Quinn - The Quinn Group - Integrated Legal & Accounting Advice
Michael John Quinn - The Quinn Group

Michael Quinn, the founder of The Quinn Group, is an experienced lawyer, accountant and educator.

Michael thrives on expanding his knowledge and supports the professional development of all his staff . He coaches his staff to take a proactive approach in all aspects of their work, ensuring that clients are aware of the full range of options open to them, giving them back control and a high level of confidence when making important decisions.

Our Team – Legal and Accounting

Ably assisted by the Legal and Accounting Teams, Michael focuses on assisting business clients to proactively manage their legal responsibilities, as well as leverage opportunities to provide a competitive advantage. At the same time, he ensures that they legally minimise their tax and advises how to tax-effectively build their personal wealth.

Michael thrives on being able to assist business clients to plan and implement strategies to build successful businesses. When appropriate, he assists clients to restructure their business and reduce any potential risks and threats.

Additionally, with Michael’s direction, the Legal and Accounting teams assist Individuals to manage routine legal and accounting responsibilities as well as address more complex issues, including the purchase and sale of property and civil litigation matters.

“We find our clients feel confident, knowing that their legal and accounting services are being managed within the one organisation. Their files and records are maintained securely and, if required, can be easily accessed by all our professionals. Consequently, our clients save time, money and stress,” says Michael.