There has been an increase in Australian businesses using mobile apps to improve efficiency and productivity of their workplace. There are numerous ways that apps could be used to improve your business.

Businesses that have a large amount of employees working in different locations or on the road may find that there are certain apps that could be very useful to your company. For example, many trade and construction companies are moving away from using whiteboards and excel spreadsheets for job allocation and are now using staff rostering apps that allow them to manage these tasks in close to real time. Businesses are using apps to schedule staff and tasks, approve timesheets integrated into payroll and track employee performance. This allows businesses to spend less time on paperwork and more time on billable work.

Many companies are using apps to digitally sign contracts. These types of apps have become a great way for digital contract signing because it is safe, secure and is legally binding for many types of documents. This has led to a huge productivity gain for many lawyers and businesses that deal with large amounts of contracts.

What are other ways apps can improve your business?

  • Some apps allow you to have access to the right business information on the go. This type of information could include pricing brochures, manuals, health and safety guidelines etc.
  • There are apps which allow you to securely store and share documents with your clients and employees.
  • Using apps can help your business become paperless, as it allows you to remove your dependence on paper processes by capturing information such as sales orders on your smart mobile device.

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