Long-term casual employment rights

Many employers as well employees are unaware of the rights of long-term casual employees. According to the Fair Work Act, a long-term casual employee is an individual that:

  • is a casual employee; and
  • has been employed by an employer on a regular and systematic basis for a period of at least 12 months.

The type of factors that would indicate a casual employment was regular and systematic includes:

  • an employee being offered work regularly;
  • the employee generally accepting the work when offered;
  • the total hours worked are similar to that of a full-time employee;
  • a clear pattern of work can be shown; and
  • the employee could expect to be offered work each week.

Under the Fair Work Act, long-term casual employees are entitled to:

  • protection from unfair dismissal (after a six-month period of continuous employment) However, they are not entitled to notice of termination or any redundancy payments;
  • the ability to request for flexible working arrangements (after 12-month period of continuous employment); and
  • unpaid parental leave (after 12-month period of continuous employment).

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