As our state governments are committing us to higher density living, this growth would inevitably create an increase in strata-related disputes. Currently, an on-line consultation is underway with suggestions for the reform of strata laws. This is the time for owners of strata property to speak up in relation to any concerns they may have.

The New South Wales Government is commencing a comprehensive review of NSW strata and community title laws in mid-2012 as the current laws are outdated having been made originally for small, self-managed blocks of flats. The Strata Scheme Management Act is the governing legislation that covers most strata title matters.  The changes may include significant amendments to the existing legislation such as simplifying the strata laws to make them easier to understand, while at the same time recognising our existing and future requirements.

The By-laws are a set of rules for Strata schemes that regulate a variety of matters. The Act allows body corporates to either adopt standard by-laws, or to make rules that best suit individual circumstances. The body corporate executive committee should give copies of the by-laws to owners and occupiers, to ensure they are familiar with their rights and responsibilities as set out in the by-laws.

Strata laws are very complex and can be hard to navigate and understand. If you are having difficulty with a strata matter or have any kind of strata related query, our consultants and property lawyers can are able to assist you here at The Quinn Group. Submit an online enquiry or call us on 1300 QUINNS (1300 784 667) or +61 2 9223 9166 for more information or to arrange an appointment.