The newly passed IR Omnibus Bill means there are important changes coming in relation to many areas of employment law, with perhaps the most significant changes being in relation to casual employees. What casual employment changes does this Bill impose and what do they mean for you and your business? Let’s discuss the 2021 casual employment changes you need to know. 

Casual Employment Changes under the IR Omnibus Bill

The greatest amendment to current employment law under the new bill concerns casual employees. Under the legislative reforms in the IR Omnibus Bill, employers will work with a new definition of casual employment. As widely anticipated, section 15A of the Bill will insert a definition of “casual employee” into the Fair Work Act, being an employee who accepts an offer of employment in circumstances where the employer made “no firm advance commitment to continuing and indefinite work according to an agreed pattern of work”. The Bill will also amend the National Employment Standards (“NES”) by inserting a new section 66B, containing a mechanism to convert casual employees to either full or part-time employees where certain criteria have been met.

These changes imply a great shift in employment law; the greatest since 2009’s implementation of the Fair Work Act. As this bill becomes law, there will also be more changes to explore and navigate for you and your business. These changes range from alterations to Fair Work compliance enforcement to the simplification of modern employment awards. We will explore these changes in detail in the coming weeks as we find out more.

If you need advice with regards to how these changes might affect your business, we recommend that you consult a specialist such as an employment lawyer or advisor to ensure that you are operating within the law at all times. The expert team of lawyers at The Quinn Group, can provide you with up to date employment law advice that is tailored to your individual circumstances.

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