Employment & Contracting in Australia: Everything You Need to Know

In general terms under the law, anyone who works is defined as a worker. There are two categories of worker: employee and contractor. In almost all circumstances, these two types of worker hold different entitlements and obligations to each other. Therefore, to know what a person is entitled to and obligated to do under the law, we need to place them into one of the two categories.

This can be drastically difficult as there is no ‘blanket’ definition of employee or contractor for legal and taxation purposes. Categorising a worker therefore involves dissecting each aspect of an individual’s working arrangement (the what, where, when and how), alongside the nature of their agreement with their provider of work.

To assist you in navigating this maze, we have created, Everything you Need to Know about Employment & Contracting in Australia. This easy-to-read resource aims to provide relevant information for employers, principals, employees and contractors to better understand their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Work legislation.

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