Selling your home can be a very stressful time, not only due to your emotional attachment to the house but also preparing it for presentation and selling for the best possible price. There are many mistakes people make when it comes to selling, so try to take these tips on board to potentially make selling your house much easier and hassle free.

The house is messy, outdated or cluttered

If it is, it is time to get spring cleaning! There is more than washing up and making the bed, since many potential buyers can’t see through the mess and clutter in order to realise your home’s true potential. If you don’t want to throw unnecessary items out, pack them in boxes for storage, since rooms free from clutter are perceived to have more space. Keep things clean and tidy throughout the entire selling process; you never know when someone may come to have a second look at the property.

You will have a greater chance of selling fast if all repairs and quick fixes are completed before putting your house on the market. Damage to the property can be detrimental to a buyers opinion of the property, since it will make them wonder how many other things are wrong and it can also lower the value of your house.

Staging your home means to decorate and present your house in its best light for showings. You can do anything from simply arranging some nice flowers in a vase, to hiring modern furniture to replace yours while people view the house. A well staged house will be appealing on the eye and encourage people to buy.

Your home is overpriced

This is the worst selling mistake you could make when selling your home. Buyers looking for your type of house won’t bother to view it if it is overpriced. The value of your house depends on a variety of factors including comparable sales, market movement, demand, the home’s location and its condition.

If the home is overpriced, buyers might submit lowball offers, which tend to result in an immediate offer rejection. Upon later reducing the price, you as the seller will lose your competitive edge and the entire selling process will drag on for a longer period of time. If you wish to sell your house fast it is best to pick an appropriate price.

The house is poorly marketed

One common mistake people make when marketing their property to sell is poor photos. These photos are used in the advertisements and usually a potential buyer will look at these before deciding to view the house. Since this is generally the first impression it is a great idea to get professional photos taken. They will capture your house in the best way and can make the rooms seem bigger and brighter. If you are selling privately make sure your advertisements give credit to the good qualities of your house.

You hired an inexperienced agent

Most agents usually cost around the same price so don’t make the mistake or hiring someone who is not experienced. The benefits of a good real estate agent include:

•   They can make things easier on you, reduce your stress and answer your questions
•   Have knowledge of the neighbourhood and its residents
•   Can provide you with guidance when it comes to setting prices
•   The professional network of real estate agents can refer buyers to your agent
•   Good negotiation skills and confidentiality

Carefully read the listing agreement to make sure the agent who brings a buyer is fairly compensated for their work. A mistake of taking a below average commission percentage, may mean that the agent won’t spend a lot of time on your home or give it much priority.

While selling your house can be a highly emotional time, you can take a away lot of the pressures of selling by avoiding some of these common mistakes. Here at The Quinn Group our experienced team of conveyancers, lawyers and accountants can assist you with all of your property needs. For more information on selling or buying property submit and online enquiry or call us on 1300 QUINNS (784 667) or on +61 2 9223 9166 to book an appointment.