Do you have Workplace Policies in Place?

Managing staff can be one of the most challenging things for any business. Disputes with employees can cost the business time and money. A great way to minimise disputes and to effectively manage your employees is by having appropriate workplace policies in place.

Some examples of common workplace policies include:

  • Drugs and alcohol;
  • Workplace relationships (e.g. policies on bullying, harassing and discrimination)
  • Occupational Health and Safety;
  • The use of company equipment (i.e. company cars and mobile phones)

When deciding what policies to introduce into your workplace, you should first consider whether you would be able to comply with them. Courts are unlikely to uphold a dismissal of an employee for breach of company policy if the employer does not follow or enforce it themselves.

You should also consider whether you would want to incorporate the terms of the workplace policy into the employment contract or whether you would simply want them to be used as a guideline. Once you have your workplace policies in place, you should:

  • Notify all staff of its existence – have copies available to them
  • Apply the policy consistently on all staff

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