If you manage a property, maintenance work will need to be done from time to time. A handyman or woman often comes to mind as a good low-cost alternative to engaging a licensed contractor, but they are limited in the types of work they can legally do.

Engaging a suitably licensed plumber minimises unnecessary risks to your tenants’ health and safety and ensures that plumbing work complies with legislation, codes and standards. This saves money in the long run as rectifying non-compliant work and any subsequent damage can end up costing more than the original charge, and may not be covered by insurance.

When hiring someone to do any plumbing work, you must make sure they hold a current licence. Only a qualified and licensed plumber and/or drainer can legally undertake repairs such as but not limited to:

  • replacing tap washers or taps
  • repairing or replacing leaking toilets and cisterns
  • repairing or replacing a hot water service
  • repairing water leaks
  • clearing or repairing blocked sewer lines.

Any person doing plumbing repairs for a payment who is not suitably licensed is breaking the law and can be fined $1100. If the person engaging them does so knowing that the work can only be undertaken by a suitably licensed plumber, that person is also breaking the law and can be issued with the same fine.

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