• If eligible, apply for $10,000 NSW small business grant
  • Record hours worked from home during COVID-19
  • Complete a stocktake
  • Repay all shareholder/director loans
  • Pay all superannuation (super) contributions before 24 June to obtain the deduction
  • Ensure all relevant motor vehicles have logbooks if using the logbook operating method
  • Check whether your business has a payroll tax liability. (wages + super + certain contractor payments, exceeding $900,000 for NSW – threshold varies in each state)
  • Make early purchase of assets costing up to $150,000 to obtain immediate deductions if SME
  • Review the company’s or the trust’s depreciation schedule and write off all eligible assets
  • Ensure Directors Fees declared last year are paid and Declare Directors fees and employee bonuses before the end of June. Even if not paid, PAYGW must be deducted
  • Check your list of debtors and write-off any that will not be collected
  • Defer selling an investment, remember it’s the date of the contract, not the date of settlement  that determines in what year it is taxable
  • If you are an individual who makes personal super contributions, notify your superfund trustee of an intention to claim a deduction of your super contributions. Make sure your super concessional contributions do not exceed $25,000
  • Trust Income distribution resolutions for the income year to be made, and committed in writing, on or before 30 June
  • Prepay any tax-deductible expenses before 30 June to obtain a tax deduction e.g. paying 12 months’ car lease repayments


  • Reconcile wages paid and superannuation contributions
  • STP finalisation declaration is due by 14 July 2020 for employers with 20 or more employees and by 31 July 2020 for those with 19 or less employees
  • Finalise June quarter BAS
  • Prepare an annual reconciliation of GST to balance for the full year
  • Reconcile superannuation payments for all employees and ensure all superannuation is paid by 28 July
  • Do an annual payroll tax reconciliation and pay by 30 October 2020
  • Enrol and identify employees for JobKeeper payments where the eligibility criteria are met

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