Where can you park in a strata scheme?

Owners and residents are only permitted to park in parking spaces allocated to them. This does not include parking for emergency vehicles or visitors.

If your lot entitlement does not include a car space, then you are not permitted to park in the strata scheme unless there is a by-law allowing for such. You should write to the secretary of the strata scheme to negotiate this special right.

Tenants should check their lease to determine where they can park.

What are the restrictions on visitor parking?

Signage may restrict the time a visitor can park in a visitors’ car space. Where there are no signs, a visitor may park in such spaces for a reasonable time.

What penalties apply if you breach the parking restrictions?

The majority of strata schemes now have by-laws relating to parking. A breach of such by-laws can result in a penalty. This may occur as follows:

1. The owners corporation will issue you a notice requesting that you comply with the by-law that was breached;

2. If you breach the by-law again after this, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal can order you to pay a penalty (up to $1,100.00); and

3. If there is a further breach of the by-law by you within 12 months, the penalty may be increased up to $2,200.00.

In some strata schemes, the owners’ corporation seeks the local council for their parking management services. In this situation, council rangers are able to issue parking infringements as they normally would on public roads.

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