Google is the world’s largest search engine, it’s important that you are giving your business the best chance to be noticed by Google, and in turn increasing your businesses reach online. Google designed Google pages for business owners seeking to maximise Google’s features for their professional purposes.

First impressions are important

There is so much competition no matter what field you work in, and any business that hasn’t taken the time to make their profile look good will miss out on potential leads. If your profile is not visually stimulating searchers will move onto a business that looks more appealing. Your business page cover photo needs to be in line with your branding and represent your brand and correctly identify what line of business you’re in.

Don’t forget Google Maps

If your business profile clearly lists your business address and you have verified this address with Google, your business will literally be on the map! Once this has been done you can gain insight into your visibility and engagement. When people search through Google and your business comes up, you will also be displayed on Google Maps. Add as much information as you can. Apart from address, phone number and fax number, you can also add trading hours, most popular products and other information which is requested often.

Connect through conversations

Google+ is working towards integrating hashtags into all of their social media. Whenever you post something on your Google+ page, you should use relevant hashtags. Google rewards the use of hashtags, so if you use them correctly, you will be ranked higher in Google search. Hashtags also make it easier for people who aren’t in your circle to come across your content.

There’s no secret formula that puts you at the top of Google Search, but if you follow these optimisation tips when setting up your Google+ business page, you are increasing your chances of being seen by your target audience when they search online.

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