Every business owner not only wants hard working employees, but also wants them to be happy, motivated and inspired. While it is good practice to motivate staff, often it is very short lived since they haven’t been adequately inspired to reach and go beyond their goals. By getting in touch with your employee’s dreams, you as a business owner or team leader can inspire your employees at work, as well as in their everyday lives. This is arguably the most effective leadership trait to possess, since an inspired employee is more productive and happy which is great for you as their employer, stakeholders, clients and the business as a whole.

You may wish to consider integrating some of the following ideas into your business, which can help to create a more positive working culture for your team:

Don’t put on a show

Knowing that they are needed and have specialised and valued skills that contribute to the overall success of the business, is a great inspiration for many employees. Don’t be afraid to share your weaknesses with your employees and to let them know how much you need them to complete certain tasks. Letting employees know that you have limitations that only they can assist with, can give your workers a great sense of purpose and inspire them to develop these skills and take action.

Tapping in to your employee’s dreams

Get to know your team and figure out your employee’s aspirations and how you can support them. By nurturing an employee’s aspiration you can inspire them to achieve their goals. Where possible, facilitate and encourage your employees to achieve their personal dreams as well as their work related ones; even better if work can complement their personal aspirations!

Simple things such as delegating selected tasks which will better the particular employee’s skills can be a major inspiration for an employee. For example, your receptionist who is aiming to get into the marketing field or simply interested in elements of this industry, can be provided some small marketing jobs. This will then help them to develop skills and inspire them to follow their dreams of becoming a marketer, while helping out your business.

Acknowledge and compliment people’s abilities

Take the time to observe your employees and notice the things they exceed in. Be open and specific and verbally tell them that you noticed how well they did a particular task. The praise will inspire your employees to keep up the good work. However, you should also look for ways to nurture and encourage this talent. By providing employees with opportunities or training to further develop these skills, you can inspire them go above and beyond what they already do so well.

Lead by example

It’s as simple as that.  It is hard for employees to be inspired to be innovative and work with a positive attitude, if you as the boss have a negative attitude and have been doing the same thing day in and day out for several years which no change.

You can also set an example and inspire employees through stories. If you read something that inspires and motivates you, share it with your workers and hopefully they too will be inspired. Look for stories that have a message behind them, such as a man climbing a mountain, or a person going from rags to riches.

Change your office culture

Make the change from a business that makes decisions based on funds, and reacts impulsively by only looking at the bottom line; to a business that aims to inspire and grow through development and new initiatives. You can do this by being a leader who is committed to passing on skills to your employees and inspiring them with opportunities for personal and professional development. By creating a positive and inspiring office culture you will be more likely to retain staff and forge friendly long-term relationships with your employees. It is an old adage than a happy office is a productive office.

By implementing some of these tips you can inspire you employees, increase productivity and better manage your business. For more information on this or for any legal or accounting advice for small business owners submit an online enquiry. Here at The Quinn Group, our experienced team of lawyers and accountants can assist you with your small business needs, call us on 1300 QUINNS (784 667) or on +61 2 9223 9166 to book an appointment.