Avoiding a Invalid Will

If you have recently tied the knot, it is important that you update your Will. Failure to update your Will after marriage may result in your Will becoming invalid.

If you fail to update your Will after marriage, the laws of intestacy may apply on your passing.  As a result, your assets may be dealt with in a different way than you originally intended. For example, a large portion of your estate may be distributed to your spouse. This may not always be problematic, however, in situations where you have children from a previous relationship or you have other individuals and organisation you wish to provide for, it is important that you have a Will in place to ensure your assets are dealt with in accordance with your intentions.

The only situation where a marriage does not invalidate your Will is when the Will you made prior to marriage expressly states that it was made “in contemplation of marriage”. If your Will does not include such, then it is time to update it.

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