Social media is a driving force behind business success. So having a Business Page on Facebook, the most popular platform of them all, is a must.

With more than two billion active users and 60 million businesses already on Facebook, the platform opens up your business to thousands of potential customers.

However, maintaining a Facebook Page isn’t easy. It requires commitment. You need updated and engaging content to frequently interact with your growing community and keep them in the loop.

Nevertheless, it’s worth it. Establish a strategy and determine what it is your audience wants to see and you will reap in the benefits. Besides increased exposure for your business, here are other results you can expect from having a Facebook Page:

1. An Established Community

 With almost everyone on Facebook, having a business page is the easiest way to bring your customers and contributors to the one place. This creates an environment for them to feel involved and informed on the development of your business and so concrete their sense of loyalty.

2.It’s Mobile Effective – A Larger Reach

Of the two billion smartphones in the world, 85% have the Facebook App. Now with 50% of web traffic coming from a mobile phone, your business needs to be mobile ready.

One of the easiest ways to optimise your page both for mobile and desktop uses is through Facebook. Customers can easily access and interact with your Facebook Page via their mobile, with all your business details clearly presented.

3.SEO Improvements

Not only will a Facebook Page be easily accessible from a phone, but having the page will make your business more accessible in a google search. This works both ways. A Facebook Page will simultaneously direct clients to your website and blog.

4.Understanding Your Target Audience

Behind the scenes, Facebook provides insights and statistics about your audience. This validates the performance of specific posts and comments, highlighting what marketing techniques are most successful and how your customers are staying engaged.

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