Email marketing is often seen as a thing of the past, and with social media being all the rage, it’s easy to overlook email marketing for your business. Email marketing can be a great way to connect with clients and customers. It is cost effective and can even drive more sales than social media.

Benefits of Email Marketing

A huge benefit of email marketing is that you can analyse the data collected from your emails. For example, if you have four different products within your email, each with a different link, your email marketing software will show you which link was clicked upon the most and consequently which product was most interesting to your viewers.

You are then able to segment your database, and target certain products towards different groups of customers who will be most likely to take an interest in those products. This not only keeps the readers interested in your emails, but can also drive sales. 50% of online users buy something as a result of an email. If the products in those emails are targeted to a specific group based on their likes and dislikes, the customer is more likely to purchase the product.

Another benefit of email marketing is that it builds customer loyalty. Once a lead is converted into a first time buyer, the next goal is to have that customer make another purchase, and ideally make them a lifetime customer. Send your customers an email thankyou them for the purchase of your product and/or service. Sending birthday deals or vouchers are a great incentive for your customers to repurchase from you. You will also be able to track how many vouchers were sent and redeemed. Customers benefit a lot from these kinds of emails and are more likely to be loyal to your company if you are seen as having their best interests at heart.

When coming up with your marketing strategy, don’t disregard email marketing. It can be highly beneficial for your company and your customers. If you would like to learn more about how email marketing can help your business contact Deborah Quinn from Clarity Marketing on 0411 139 881 or email