When considering launching a new advertising campaign or promotion for your business, it’s important to put together a carefully thought-out advertising brief for both yourself and the designer. Taking the time to plan and design the brief properly gives you a greater probability of seeing higher return on investment for the project, as it allows you to focus the message or idea that you are trying to communicate. It also gives the designer greater clarity about what you are hoping to achieve. Below are some important things to consider when putting together an advertising brief.

Set a SMART objective

1. Specific- have a clear and concise aim e.g. a 5% increase in enquires.
2. Measurable- ensure it is something that can be evaluated.
3. Attainable- it needs to be an outcome legitimately achievable.
4. Realistic- with the available money, time and resources.
5. Timed- it needs to be bound within a particular time frame.

Identify the target clients

1. Any generic traits that identify them as a group: e.g. business problems, lifestyles, aspirations, attitudes, priorities and perceptions.
2. Any potential barriers or risks for the client.
3. The potential motivations that will encourage them.

Take stock of competitors and yourself

1. What are they doing in terms of advertising and promotion?
2. What are the particular fields of service/product that they dominate?
3. What do you offer that they don’t? That is, what can you promise to the client that your competitor cannot?
4. What is your position in the market?

Design Specifications

1. The tone, manner and feeling you wish to convey.
2. Any supporting material you have to assist in the creative process (e.g. editorials, testimonials etc.).
3. Any themes or suggestions such as tag lines, slogans, logos, visions or directions.
4. The exact amount that you have budgeted to spend on this particular project.

Putting together a brief that covers off on all of these topics is important. Include any other details that you consider to be important or relevant for the designer to know. If you need any advice on putting together a marketing plan or an advertising brief for you business contact Deborah from Clarity Marketing on 0411 139 881 or email dcq@claritymarketing.com.au.