While internet marketing has a lot to offer and is still new and exciting, it is important not to forget the tried and true traditional forms of marketing. Direct mail outs are a great form of advertising which can be personalised, making them much more appealing to individuals than a mass consumer piece. So, what can you do to create the perfect direct mail piece?

Headings with impact

Your heading needs to stand out and capture your market’s attention so they don’t just place your hard work and money straight into the bin. Try making your heading witty, personal or a direct question, such as “Do you know the value of direct mail outs?”

Body of the text

Don’t just talk about what you offer; talk about the benefits of what you are offering. It is also important to make the text easy to read and to the point.

Strong call to action and visible contact details

Offer something in your call to action – don’t just say “call or email now”. The customers need to know the benefit gained if they contact you. It is a good idea to offer a promotion or special price here or to make the consumer feel like they need to call. Use bold or larger font along with active, urgent language. Make sure that your contact details (phone number, email, website) all stand out and can clearly be read.

Testimonials are great to include

Potential customers will take the opinion of a third party much more seriously than your own opinion of your business. Wherever possible use images of your happy customers to support the testimonials.

Strategic use of images and colour

It has been proven that colour makes an advertisement look more professional and will be more likely to be read. Also, try using different paper types, envelopes and shapes; all of these things will be much more aesthetically appealing than black text on plain white paper. Use images that will capture your customer’s attention or that will highlight what you have to offer. Don’t forget to include your logo.

Targeted distribution

Send your direct mail piece to qualified recipients: commonly a business’ existing clients, or potential clients with similar demographics to your current database. You are able to specifically target the demographics of your ideal customers, for example if you own a lawn mowing business you would target suburban houses with lawns rather than city apartment blocks. It also provides opportunity for more specific measurements and analytics of distribution and response. It is important to remember to write in a language that will suit your target market.

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