It’s no secret that networking and referrals are two of the top ways to grow your business with very minimal cost to you. So, what can you do to build your networks and referrals? Simple:

Ask for Referrals
Most people are willing to help, but they need to be prompted; so ensure you pick the right clients and the right time to ask and you will be amazed at the results.

Join Business Networking Groups
These can reduce the amount of time and money going into attaining leads (often those leads that are hard to get) and for the most part these leads are generally ready to buy now.

Hold Free Seminars, Workshops or Events
Let’s face it, who doesn’t like something that is free? Giving things away are a great way to showcase your products or services and make potential leads understand why they should come to you.

Attend Seminars, Workshops & Events
Attend those that are related to your customers. They will more likely than not be looking for something that you can offer.

Offer Family & Friend’s Specials
More often than not, a customer of yours will know someone that wants or needs what you have to offer, so a gentle nudge with a discount could be what they need to walk through your door.

Newsletters / Blogs
Add a ‘Tell a Friend’ link to the bottom of any blog, newsletter or other form of marketing where you can be seen as a guru in your industry that your customers can share with others.

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