Commercial buildings are responsible for the most significant proportion of energy consumption and green house gas emissions for the commercial building sector, with hospitals and offices being the largest emitters.

Modern businesses rely heavily on a wide range of equipment, which is a significant factor in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from most businesses. These emissions can be reduced by both purchasing energy efficient equipment and by making adjustments to the way you use this equipment.

Here’s some simple changes that can be implemented in your business:

  • All equipment should be turned off every night and every weekend, especially larger equipment like photocopiers. Remember to check the appliance is really off and not just in sleep mode. By turning off computers at night you could potentially save $200.00 per computer per year.
  • Turn off things like coffee machines, paper shredders, desk lamps, rechargers, transformers and scanners potentially saving $300.00 to $400.00 on standby power.
  • Stop junk mail by writing to the companies that send junk journals or brochures requesting to be removed from their mailing lists.
  • Include a “Please consider the environment before printing this email” note on your email signature.
  • Install timers. Timers allow you to specify periods in which the equipment is to be kept running and alternatively when it is to be turned off. A timer on a small hot water service has the potential to save $280.00 per year.
  • Reduce air conditioning temperature by 1 degree, on average every degree will reduce your air conditioning costs by 20%.

In today’s marketplace, cost reduction and improving performance are a must for those who wish to stay one step ahead. Logic & Form is a consultancy business that aims to provide support and enhance business’s environmental performance by going green. Our skill is to develop your business by implementing uniquely designed processes, whether you want a relatively straight forward energy-efficiency analysis of your premises or assistance with a major refurbishment of your energy systems, our aim is to deliver improved environmental performance thus profiting your business.

For more advice on your business ‘going green’ contact Greg and the team at Logic & Form on 1300 944 384 or email