Christmas is a great time to show appreciation to your staff for all of their hard work and efforts over the past year. Below are a few great ideas for rewarding your staff.

Activities & Events

•  Organise a comedian to perform in-house.

• Take staff for a big breakfast at a local café.

• Have a family-friendly barbecue at the park.

• Organise a cook-off between staff.

• Organise an outing to carols by candlelight and enjoy the Christmas cheer.

• Get active and organise a great treasure/scavenger hunt with tasks and small prizes along the way – this encourages team work and trust.

•  Hold a Trivia Night with staff and their partners.

• Give back to the community by volunteering at the local shelter or food drive for the less fortunate.

• Organise a day for staff to plant trees to help sustain the environment and reduce your business’ carbon footprint.


• A bottle of wine.

• A selection of chocolates.

• Personalised hamper baskets.

• Movie vouchers.

Fun team building events can recharge and motivate your employees. Not only will your staff have a great time, but it can also benefit the working environment – resulting in a happier, more productive and efficient team.

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