Digital trends rise and fall throughout the year, with selected platforms and techniques taking precedence. When it comes to marketing, businesses should employ the successful digital trends to optimise their online presence and stay in the game. 

While there are hundreds of marketing strategies in the business world, we have collated five popular trends to expect in the new year.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Think chatbots, email campaigns and business automation. Artificial intelligence can be incorporated into everyday marketing strategies to optimise your time and provide ideal content. There’s no need to waste time on data analysis and simple responses, when this can be easily automated.

2. Voice Recognition

Today, SEO needs to go beyond written enquiries in search engines and needs to consider voice enquiries. With predictions showing that 50% of all searches will be voice searches in 2020, businesses need to be ready. This means tailoring content to suit what people will say in a search and not just what they will write.

3. Video Marketing

This one’s an obvious one as it’s already spread across many social media platforms and websites. Anything from video ads to skits to live video is a sure attention grabber. Video content must target the needs of the viewer, both clarifying and simplifying their user-experience. Whether it shows off a product or behind-the-scenes production, a customer should feel comfortable with this visual engagement with your business.

4. Native Ads And Content Marketing

 This requires marketers to really consider their audience. Native ads will provide content relevant to a particular webpage to suit the preferences of the viewer. This creates a smoother ad incorporation into the everyday life of web users.

5. Mobile Ready

This trend perhaps applies more so to last year but it is definitely something to be mindful of as we move forward. Already it’s shown that 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile use and all four trends mentioned above must apply to both web and mobile use to optimise their marketing reach.

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