Working with the right people will carry your business to success. When goals are met, productivity is thriving and the work environment is positive, business will grow.

At the very core of this success are the people working for you. Do they understand your goals? Are they motivated? Will they drive your business forward?

This all leads back to hiring the right candidate. While it may seem like a tedious process, with the right standards guiding your decision, you can easily find the ideal employee for your business.

1. Review Your Current Staff

Firstly, make sure you actually need a new member on your team. Existing staff may already have the skillset you’re after, or can quickly be trained. There’s no need to waste your time or money finding a new team member, if those already in your business understand your brand and motivations and can take on the extra responsibility.

2.Provide A Thoughtful Job Description

On one hand you want to narrow down your search to the right candidate, but you don’t want to go too far that you dampen their desire to apply. According to Wall Street Journal, focusing on what the company can provide the applicant, as opposed to what a company wants from an applicant, will attract more fitting employees.

Consider what exactly you can give to your employees, so the right people will apply directly to you.

3.Interview Effectively

 When it comes to interviewing, know what you’re looking for. Whether this means having a checklist on hand, a panel on board and a list of effective questions, you want to separate the best candidate from the average.

It’s important to not solely focus on whether the applicant is technically competent but also determine their social intelligence, motivations and team-working abilities.

4.Check Backgrounds And References

You’ve made it this far, so all you have left is to check-up on the remaining candidates for the position. Contact previous work references or supervisors to gain a third perspective of their efforts in the workplace.

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