LinkedIn is well known for connecting professionals all over the world, but it also offers multiple marketing opportunities for expanding your network. To achieve long term success, you will need to develop a consistent LinkedIn marketing plan for your business that suits your objectives. Here are some tactics on how to build your LinkedIn marketing strategy and show potential clients or business partners how you can contribute to their success.

Top Strategies:

  1. Build a Company Page
    Create a business presence on LinkedIn with a company page that acts like an extension of your website. Invite colleagues, customers and clients to follow your page and use it to add information and post updates of your business activity.  Take advantage of all the features offered and use your page to promote your brand.
  2. Optimise your own Profile
    Use your profile as a marketing tool and demonstrate to viewers that you have the skills and solution they need. Present your profile as the individual behind your business and ensure it links to all of your important pages such as your business website and other social media accounts.
  3. Create Influential Content
    As LinkedIn is filled with millions of professionals, it is a great platform to attract new clients or customers with business tips and new features from your business. Use LinkedIn as a content publishing platform by updating your page with compelling and interesting articles to promote your expertise and build your credibility.
  4. Launch a LinkedIn Group
    A great feature of LinkedIn is the ability to set up a group revolving around a specific interest in your industry. Focus on gaining members with similar business goals and use your group to start professional discussions about your industry.
  5. Participate in LinkedIn Groups
    Creating your own community is not enough for a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy. Ensure you actively contribute and share ideas in other LinkedIn groups, especially those that relate to your industry or your location.


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By Bonny Withford