Social media comprises a variety of mediums for social interaction that can help small businesses to create, build and maintain relationships with potential or existing customers and industry experts. It can be an extremely effective way of engaging your market and allows you to leverage your business.

Amongst the social media offerings available to small businesses, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the most commonly used websites available.

Social Media Breakdown

Facebook – A social networking website that can be used to keep in touch with clients, colleagues and potential customers. Create a Facebook page for your business – a page typically contains basic business information, events and images that can help to create awareness and build your brand. Share corporate events and monitor your reputation online by checking how many people “Like” your page.

You Tube – A social media platform that allows you to view, share and upload videos. By creating tutorials, behind-the-scenes videos and staff interviews, businesses can now communicate with their target market in a more engaging fashion. Additionally, by creating innovative and exciting videos, businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a lasting impression.

Twitter – A social media platform that allows you to update your current status, known as “Tweets”, to let others know what you and your business are up to. Follow other users to receive live updates about other businesses and individuals. Grow your network and discuss “trending” topics on Twitter with users that are interested in the same things you are.

LinkedIn – A professional networking website that allows professionals to build relationships with other professionals. Users can upload a resume, create a career profile and discuss career related topics in the LinkedIn forum. An increasing number of businesses are using LinkedIn to recruit, bypassing the need for human resource firms and their expensive fees. Users can also recommend others for job openings and connect them to professionals in their network.

Social media is a powerful tool available to individuals and businesses. When using social media it is important to create compelling content, grow your community, expand your network and engage other users. Remember, it is all about getting your business out there!

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