Technology has enabled us to easily reach out to potential customers, though retaining them and creating a long-lasting relationship can take some time and effort. Traditional media outlets such as TV, radio and print talk at target audiences while online media is more interactive and advantageous for businesses to express their personality to the audience. Your audience can respond to posts and you can respond back. We have some helpful tips for you to incorporate into your marketing plan to build long-lasting customer relationships online.

  • Spotlight on customers to show how much you appreciate their feedback, likes and shares by sharing tops fans that engaged, new ideas suggested by customers, customers using your product/service and testimonials.
  • Make sure response times are fast as fans expect real-time responses.
  • Respect the relationship you build with your audience as a meaningful experience as they are worth more than a sale. The more you learn about your fans the better equipped you become to offering them what they want.
  • Personalise the experience for your fans by signing off comments with a name, showcase behind the scenes and your team and address comments with a fans name.
  • Make feedback your best friend by responding to both positive and negative comments. Help your company grow by using feedback as a call to action for change.
  • Use a variety of content so that you aren’t repetitive which can be boring. Include stories, tips, advice, Q&As, behind the scenes, company culture, interviews, quotes and events.
  • Online competitions are an excellent tactic to reward your fans for their support and grow your following.
  • Thank your customers publicly! It’s a small action that will mean so much to your fans as well as build trust and loyalty.

To form strong online customer relationships you need to listen to their feedback, what they want and develop personal interactions and offerings that they will appreciate and build trust with your business.

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