So you have a company website – everyone thinks it looks great and surely now you’ll be able to attract a whole network for new customers. Unfortunately in reality, designing and developing your website is only one part of an effective online marketing strategy. The big question is how do potential customers find your website if they haven’t seen or heard your website name?

Firstly, we’re not here to affirm the virtues of Google (they hardly need our marketing support). Rather our goal is to help you develop a strategy that will be effective for your business, and Google Adwords is one avenue for attracting new customers to your site, using an Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords is simple and concise text-based online advertising. Your ad will appear on the right hand side of a computer screen when someone does an internet keyword search matching your ads keywords.

For example, when a user types in the search words “Tax Lawyer” the Quinn Lawyers ad will appear.

And if you’ve built a really great online strategy your website will also appear high up in the organic search listings too, that is, if your website contains the same highly relevant keywords being searched.

With Google AdWords, you can create the ads yourself using the key words or phrases related to your business.

The Advantages include:

  • There is no minimum spending requirement–you set your own budget. And you pay only for results, i.e. you only pay when people click on your ad.
  • You can set your ads to appear only to people searching in a particular city, region or country so that you can target the customers you want to attract.
  • People can simply click on your ad to make a purchase or go direct to your website to learn more about you.
  • It allows you to track your ads performance through its online reporting. With this user information you can then edit your ads to improve performance or adjust your budget accordingly.

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