When meeting a client for the first time it is critical you make the right impression. How well you do during this first meeting reflects how well prepared you are, how professional you are and how much you value your meeting.

In the first 5 minutes it is critical you establish your credibility. People like to work with people they like so don’t focus
on selling your product until you have sold yourself.

Meeting the prospective client at their business premises shows genuine interest and great service, and you can benefit from seeing where and how they operate.

Look and sound the part. Pay attention to personal grooming, but also look as though you’ll be a good “fit”. Formal business attire may not always be the most appropriate. Tailor your look and terminology to your client and their industry.

Be on time. Lateness may be excusable, but it won’t make the right impression. Your body language should be warm, friendly and confident. Make direct eye contact and give a friendly smile.

Have your business cards ready. Take any business card offered and read the name/s out loud. Use the name/s a couple of times during the meeting to establish the relationship and commit them to memory.

Do some background research before the meeting. Your credibility will skyrocket if you understand the client’s business and industry. Plan your opening remarks ahead of the meeting.

Your client will want to know about you too. You may have shown your interest in their business but still need to present your credentials. Plan which are most relevant to them and give examples.

Establishing credibility is fundamental and the above ideas for achieving it are simple. You’ll put yourself streets ahead of the competition if you consistently get the fundamentals right. To find out more about making the right first impression and other marketing advice contact Deborah from Clarity Marketing on 0411 139 881 or email dcq@claritymarketing.com.au