The expectations and demands of businesses are inevitably changing and the office environment is vastly different from the past due to new workforce generations. Businesses need to learn to adapt to modern workplace demands to succeed or risk becoming unappealing to employees and stakeholders. Here are five key trends that are shaping the Australian workforce of the future in the coming decades.

Workplace of the Future – Key Trends:

  1. Demographic Diversity

As the ageing population is increasing and we are living longer, in order to retire comfortably, we must work for longer. This means that there will be an increase in demographic diversity in the workforce which could cause problems for managers. Younger workers are impacting workplaces with flexibility, lifestyle and a different set of needs compared to older generations.

  1. Flexible Workspaces

Future offices will become less corporate looking with an increase in natural lighting, larger spaces and flexible work areas. As we spend a third of our life at work, facilities need to support innovation, team collaborations and become an enjoyable environment to work in.

  1. Upgrade Technology

Technological changes are only continuing to grow and innovative developments such as cloud-based software, wireless devices and digital channels are reducing the need for employees to physically be in the office and encouraging a wireless and paperless workplace.

  1. Healthy Environment

As generations are working longer, workplace health and safety regulations must be adjusted to create a happier and healthier workplace. Work environments must accommodate to disabilities, energy deductions and building codes to be compliant.

  1. Sustainability

Corporate social responsibility is inevitably becoming an important demand in businesses as they have a significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses will be expected to play a greater role in fighting climate change and reducing carbon footprints with energy efficient workplaces becoming a standard regulation.

Every business needs to be aware of how they can change to adapt to these new trends and embrace the workplace of the future. The Quinn Group provides a total solution to match each client’s individual financial and business needs. We are here to help you grow your business and personal financial wealth. For advice and appointments, call 02 9223 9166 or submit an online enquiry.