How would you feel if your favourite club chose their teams on the basis of a hunch?

What if the coach didn’t spend time studying the form of the players and placing them in the optimal positions for their relative strengths?

I’m sure you’ll agree that approach wouldn’t help them win many matches! Would you still want to be a fan?

So why are we so complacent about how we select and allocate roles in our business teams?
And why do we forget to allocate time and resources to coaching a winning team?

We see managers rely on their intuition for people decisions every day. Some are successful. Unfortunately, most learn there’s truth in the old saying ‘act in haste, repent at leisure’!

Insure yourself against disappointment by investing in:

1. Picking only top players
2. Coaching for peak performance
3. Acting immediately when you spot a problem

Supporters of teams at the bottom of the ladder know performance problems rarely – if ever – just disappear. Can you afford that distraction on the way to your goal?

TIP: Get in the habit of taking a closer look at what you need from your team.

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