Your company’s marketing communication extends across many touch points. From your support staff and professionals, through to your company’s marketing collateral, such as direct mail, invoices, signage, websites and all things in between.

All the money spent on creating great looking company collateral will mean little if your communication message is not clear, concise and consistent.

Try this quick quiz to see how confident you are that your communication, is clear, consistent and easily understood by both employees and customers alike.

Quick Quiz
Score yourself:
3 – Totally agree    2 – Agree     1 – Disagree

1. We have a positioning statement that clearly defines our company’s point of difference.

2. We have a tagline that reinforces the company’s reason for being, and is featured prominently on all our marketing materials.

3. We have a standard company colour and company logo, which is consistently displayed across signage, letterhead, business cards etc.

4. Everyone in our organisation knows what our company identity is and can articulate it clearly.

If you scored less than what you were hoping for, then your marketing communication may need a little more work.

If the words you use to describe your company and what it offers are badly chosen or inconsistent, or worse still not known by your own staff, how will your customers know what your business offers them?

Clear, concise and consistent communication helps your business demonstrate:

  • How your business can help solve their problem – after all, whether you’re selling razor blades to shave facial hair OR plumbing services to fix leaky taps – you are solving your customer’s problem with your product or service!
  • What makes your company unique from its competitors – a great example is Gillette’s “The Best a Man Can Get” tagline.
  • An emotional connection with your customers – Knowing that your communication is always clear and consistent builds trust and reliability.

When your communication is clear, concise and consistent, every single touch point in your company repeats the same key selling message every time!

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