With the countdown to Christmas well underway, ‘tis now the season to be jolly and also make a decision about your business’s Christmas promotions. When it comes to promotional Christmas gifts our best advice is to select gifts that work through the whole period – those that will create goodwill in the run up to Christmas and also see your company promoted throughout the New Year. Listed below are some of our favourite ideas:

Christmas Hampers and Cards
Hampers are a lovely way to show appreciation and give recognition to your staff and colleagues for their contributions and efforts of the past year as well as build rapport with your suppliers and clients. Cards provide an opportunity to keep business relationships alive on a personal level. In writing your Christmas card list, include everyone you value, not just those who you have worked with this year or who currently subscribe to your newsletter.

Desktop Promotional Gifts
A great Christmas idea is to give promotional desktop gifts. When people come back from a Christmas break, refreshed for the new year, they often have a big desk clean up which gives you a perfect opportunity. You can grab desk space and precious advertising space for the coming year with items like mouse pads printed with the coming year’s calendar.

Email Campaigns
Send clients Christmas eCards to celebrate the jolly season and inform them of any Christmas promotions that you are having, which will drive traffic to your website.

Publish a Christmas message on your website to spread the holiday cheer and to tie in with any Christmas promotions you may be running.

Engage in a promotion where a percentage of what clients spend will be donated to charities or non-profi t organisations. Not only will this be embracing the Christmas spirit by helping out the less fortunate, but you may also be able to claim the donations as a deduction in your business’ tax return the following year.

If you require further assistance with planning your business’s Christmas promotion or other marketing advice, please contact Deborah from Clarity Marketing on 0411 139 881 or email dcq@claritymarketing.com.au.