To many people, writing a business document is a daunting experience. Whether you’re the CEO of a company or occupy a small cubicle at a large corporation, your business experience or annual salary does not determine your capability of writing.

In fact, most business people have little experience with writing. Many think that using business terminology and long (often exhausting to read) sentences demonstrates a high level of knowledge and skills. And maybe it does. But that doesn’t mean the reader actually understands what you’re saying. The key to business writing is simplicity.

Below are some tips to help keep you on track with business writing:


Keep it simple

As mentioned earlier, business language is not something that everyone understands. If you need to use a proper business term to make your point, by all means do so. But keep in mind simple language is much easier to read and your audience’s understanding will be far clearer.

Quality over quantity

Whatever you are writing; let it be an article, a letter, a proposal or an agreement. Do not babble on. Reading a sentence that goes for four lines is boring and tedious, and often results in readers losing interest. Keep your sentences short and sweet in order to keep your audience happy and finishing the page.

Remember your audience

When writing a business document, always remember who will be reading it. Use phrases and terminology that appeal to your target audience and give them something they can relate to. What you are trying to communicate to the reader will be far better understood if you make it about them.


If there is any hidden secret to becoming a great business writer, it’s practice. Practicing will help you get into the flow of simple writing and ease your mind when its crunch time; so get writing!

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