Instagram is one of the largest and most popular visual based social media platforms around with millions of businesses using this platform to boost their brand’s exposure and interaction with their customers. With our easy tips below you too can build you brand on Instagram.

Profile Picture and Bio

Choose a profile picture that aligns with your brand. For many companies it is usually their logo. Make this image consistent through all of your social media platforms and use the same colours to be easily identified by followers. Your bio is a short description about your business include your product/service offerings, your business motto, location, phone number and most importantly a link to your website. Make you bio clean and to the point. If it’s too long and trails off people will lose interest.

Curating Photos

Find inspiration that will wow viewers to like, comment and follow your page. Ensure photos have a point of focus whether this is a particular product you’re selling, service results or additional content such as customer reposts, feedback, quotes or specials. The key to standing out amongst other profiles is to keep yours unique by using whatever inspires you and being as creative as can be to share your message in a visual manner.

Editing for Brand Consistency

Using the same colours, text, image size and image filter provides consistency. Have a play around with filters and editing features within the Instagram app to find what best works for you.


Put time into your captions and hashtags to build a storyline instead of a sales pitch as it relieves the pressure of viewers feeling like they must buy something, which also deters them from liking and commenting.

Need help?

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