Get from planning to doing faster with our top productivity tips to get where you are to where you want to be in no time.

  1. Time Management Hacks

Manage yourself before you begin to manage your business to understanding the concept of planning and timing. Your willpower, motivation, habits, goals, decision-making and comfort zone all play a part in how you manage your time including compromise to achieve your main goal and your response in times of stress or crisis.

  1. Personal Strategies

Increase your willpower by meditating, taking time to plan your schedule and forgive yourself for past failures, as this does not determine your future. Become motivated by writing down why you want to reach you goal/s as once written down and placed in a easily visible spot accountability is created. Motivation gets you started but habits can get in the way so plan to change a bad habit through a cue, routine or reward and create a new habit through the momentum behind your motivation. The easiest way to set effective goals is to make them specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely which is know as the SMART tactic. Making good decisions comes down to not being overconfident and rationalising data on hand.

  1. Work Strategies

Define your vision to your team so everyone understands the business goal. Working remotely can help to remove you from distractions and focus on work at hand. Project management needs to be clearly stored and delegated to avoid confusion for optimum productivity. Create effective meetings by identifying the need for a meeting, who needs to attend, expected length, required preparation and who needs to be informed after so a team meeting doesn’t become unproductive.

  1. Convenient Tools

There are a variety of productivity apps to choose from and each work differently depending on your needs. A few good ones include Basecamp for project management, Wunderlist for to-do lists and Slack for team communication.

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