If you are a provider of health care in the community you must ensure all employees provide a satisfactory criminal record check. This obligation is in accordance with relevant legislation and contractual requirements for delivering care in the community.

All employees are required to have or undertake a National Police Certificate (NPC) before commencement with the organisation.

A NPC is only valid for three years and ongoing employment is subject to a satisfactory NPC received by the organisation each expiry period.

Subject to either the contract of services or the profile of the client work environment the following additional checks will also be sought as part of the criminal record check:

    • working with vulnerable adults
    • working with aged care and
    • working with children

Child-related employers need to undertake this check.

Employers must:

    • Register their organisation by filing in an online form which creates an online profile with the Office of the Children’s Guardian. Employers nominate a username and password so they can log into the system and verify workers.
    • Identify which roles within the organisation are child-related and need a Working with Children Check and which roles are not child-related or fall under an exemption

You need to use the online profile to verify workers’ Working with Children Check numbers (WWC numbers), including:

    • existing workers and volunteers before the end of the sectors phase-in period
    • new paid workers before the commence any child-related work

You also need to ensure their own WWC number is verified online by an appropriate person in the organisation (employees cannot self-verify)

Keep records for each worker, including: Full name, Date of birth, WWC number, verification date, verification outcome, expiry date and whether the worker is in paid or volunteer work

    • Remove any barred or unauthorized persons from child-related work (engaging barred persons in child-related work is an offence)
    • Determine whether or not your organisation is a reporting body with a responsibility to report certain misconduct involving children to the Office of the Children’s Guardian


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