Paid Parental Leave Details

This historic decision to commit $731 million over five years to Australia’s first comprehensive, statutory Paid Parental Leave Scheme will be available to parents for births and adoptions that occur on or after 1 January 2011.

This initiative will provide eligible working parents with 18 weeks of Parental Leave Pay at the National Minimum Wage, currently $570 a week before tax. This will be fully funded by the Government and can be shared between partners.

Parental Leave Pay will be available to all working parents who meet the eligibility criteria. A person is likely to have access to Parental Leave Pay if they are the primary carer of a baby from 1st January 2011, although they may still be eligible for Parental Leave Pay in the event of a stillbirth or infant death.

As an employee it is your responsibility and not your employer’s to determine whether you are eligible for this scheme and to lodge your own claims with Family Assistance Office up to three months before the expected date of birth or adoption. Provided you are eligible and have been employed continuously for 12 months prior to your child’s birth; your employer must provide thefollowing:

•   Parental Leave Pay for the 18 week period, in accordance with your normal pay cycle,
•   Withhold tax under the usual PAYG withholding arrangements, and
•   Provide you with a payslip.

Here at The Quinn Group our experienced team of accountants and lawyers are able to assist you in finding out whether you are eligible for the Paid Parental Leave Scheme and also ensure you are receiving the correct amount of money for your circumstance. Additionally, we can assist your business in budgeting and processing any Paid Parental Leave payments. Please submit an online enquiry for more information or call us on 1300 QUINNS to book an appointment.