A Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management Plan is a legal requirement of the WHS Regulations 2011 for construction projects over $250,000.

Under the regulations, your site specific plan must include:

•  Names, roles and WHS responsibilities of everyone at the workplace who has a specific WHS positions.

•  Arrangements in place for consultation, cooperation and coordination of safety activities

•  Arrangements in place to manage any WHS incidents

•  WHS rules and the arrangements to ensure everyone are aware of them

•  Arrangements for collecting, assessing, monitoring and reviewing Safe Method Statements for High Risk Construction Works.

•  Emergency Management Procedures and Plan.

The WHS Management System developed by Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA) includes a Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management Plan together with an extensive range of documents to safely and effectively manage your site, workers and subcontractors.

The WHS Management Plan includes:

•  A template that can be tailored to be site specific for your projects over $250,000. This includes all requirements detailed in the regulations

•  A template letter to communicate your plan to your subcontractors.

•  A process in place for monitoring contractor’s safety performance and requirements.

•  Safety policies, practices and procedures.

•  Site specific Emergency Response Procedures and Plan.

•  5 Generic High Risk Construction Work Safe Method Statements (SWMS). These SWMS can be made site specific through a risk assessment.

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