Do you have any concerns about the overall care of  your elderly loved ones?

Do you know of a person, who is the only person who has or holds  on behalf of your elderly loved one,

  • Power of Attorney document (relates to financial decisions)


  • Enduring Guardianship document (relates to living and healthcare decisions)

If yes, then your elderly loved ones’ finances and well-being could be at risk.

This is because the holder of the Power of Attorney document gives the holder access to the bank accounts and finances to your elderly loved one.

Likewise, the Enduring Guardianship document allows the holder of that document to make decisions as to where your elderly loved one lives and the type of health care that they are entitled to receive.

The exploitation of our loved ones who are elderly is becoming more commonplace and is both financially and emotionally impacting upon their overall well-being.

This may raise your concerns about their current carer (who may or may not be a family member).

The combination of both the Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship extends to every major aspect of an elderly person’s life.

If a carer or family member has sole appointment and control of these legal documents then they have the power to virtually control every aspect of the life of that elderly person who is affected.

Additional appointments of Powers of Attorney can be made and additional Enduring Guardians be appointed, provided your elderly loved one is not mentally incapacitated.

  1. Safeguards – We can provide the safeguards and legal documents in advance to protect the elderly and look after their future welfare.
  2. Court and Tribunal  if you suspect or know of any family member or relative or anyone else who is not using the Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardianship documents for the best interests of your elderly loved one, then we can make an application to the Supreme Court or Guardianship Tribunal.


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