Is your Cyber Security Sufficient?

With the rapid increase and continued threat of cyber-attacks, cyber security is now more important than ever. Cyber-attacks can have a detrimental impact on a company. The ramifications can affect a company’s financial stability as well as leaving its customers feeling vulnerable.

For example, a UK internet provider suffered numerous significant cyber-attacks that led to the theft of large amounts of their customer’s personal data. At the end of the day on which the announcement about the incident was made, the value of the company’s shares had fallen 10.7 percent. This highlights the importance of having adequate and appropriate cyber security in place within your company.

Some steps you might take to improve your company’s cyber security include:

  • Developing guidelines and procedures for the handling of customer information.
  • Providing adequate training to all staff to help them understand their role in upholding the company’s cyber security.
  • If your Company uses cloud computing, ensuring that these third party service providers are taking appropriate steps to safeguard their data.
  • Ensuring decision makers within the company keep up to date with current technology in cyber security as this is a rapidly changing area.

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