A Local Environment Plan (LEP) is a legal document that is prepared by a council and approved by the State Government to regulate land use and development. LEPs provide a guide for planning decisions made by local governments.

Break down of Local Environment Plan

LEPs contain zoning provisions that specify the allowable uses and standards that regulate the extent of a development. Before 2006, all Councils in NSW had a different LEP. This meant that what may have been permissible in one council area may not have been in another. As a result, there was often confusion and unnecessary red tape when you were required to lodge a development application in an adjoining council.

The ‘Standard Instrument’ Program was introduced in 2006 in an attempt to improve the previous system by creating a standard approach to format and content for LEPs. The objective of the program was to simplify the plan making system within NSW.

Nowadays, the majority of LEPs will contain standard clause requirements and definitions.  Each LEP will only differ in order to address each council’s urban development controls (e.g. floor space ratio and heights of buildings etc.).

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