With the end of the financial year just a few weeks away, there is no time to waste in preparing your tax plan. We have compiled a list of tips on the best ways to legally minimise your tax this financial year. Generally speaking, anyone who earns over the tax free threshold during the course of a financial year, 1 July – 30 June, is required to submit an individual tax return to the Australian Tax Office.

Organise your paperwork

Start gathering all your paperwork such as receipts now. Valuable deductions are usually lost because you are unable to locate a receipt at the last moment. By preparing yourself in advance with all your paperwork, deductions may be able to be made on your tax returns.

Salary sacrifice your super

Arrange with your employer to sacrifice a certain amount of your pay (before tax) to be contributed into you super, thus reducing your assessable income.

Motor vehicle expenses

Most motor vehicle expenses are tax deductible if you use your car for work purposes such as going from work to a work-related course, seminar or meeting.

There are four methods of calculating your tax deductions, each one with it’s own merits. The most popular method by far is keeping a logbook because if a log book is kept and recorded correctly for a period of 12 weeks, it lasts for five years.

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