Despite the continued growth of the internet, it is important to realise and consider offline marketing methods to reach a greater range of customers. Using a variety of both online and offline marketing methods is the best way to effectively reach your entire target market.

Examples of offline marketing include:

• Print advertisements in magazines and newspapers.

• Television and radio advertisements.

• Outdoor advertising such as billboards and car signage.

• Direct mail campaigns.

• Printed newsletters and catalogues.

• Sending out birthday and holiday cards.

• Offering incentives for referrals.

• Participating in events such as charity fundraisers, networking events and seminars.

• Product launches and giveaways.

• Business cards.

• Loyalty programs.

Pros of Offline Marketing

• It can have a more personal approach, and be better tailored to your target market.

• It has higher credibility, as people are able to see tangible aspects of your business and products.

• You can reach the older generation and those who aren’t comfortable using the internet.

Cons of Offline Marketing

• Not measurable if you aren’t providing an incentive.

• It is costly – since it involves more labour, time and money.

• It can be challenging to establish your company as an expert offline.

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