In the event that a trust is created by way of settlement, it is recommended that a settlor should be a person who is not related to any of the beneficiaries, due to the application of s 102 of the ITAA 1936. Section 102 specifies the circumstances in which the Commissioner may hold a trustee liable to pay tax at the settlor’s marginal rate of tax.

Section 102 applies:

  • where income is distributed to a child of the settlor who is under the age of 18. The objective of this was to prevent high-income earners from diverting their income to low income family members, where they effectively keep the control of the income
  • where the settlor has the power to revoke the trust

Therefore, in order to avoid the possible application section 102, the settlor of the trust should not be a parent of any of the beneficiaries and the trust should be irrevocable. The settlor of a family trust should be a person who is unrelated to the family or for whom the trust is being created.

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