All NSW swimming pool owners must register their pool before 29 October 2013 as part of the Swimming Pools (Amendment) Act 2012. Pool owners can register online and may face fines if they don’t register by this date. Anyone wishing to sell or lease a property with a pool will need to have a valid compliance certificate as of 29 April 2014 – so don’t forget to register any investment properties that also have a pool.

As part of the amendment, councils will be required to inspect all pools that have had a complaint made against them as part of the pool barrier inspection program. If requested by a pool owner, councils will also be required to conduct a pool inspection before a property is leased or sold. Pool owners may be charged up to $150 for these inspections. Once the pool has been inspected, and meets all of the requirements, councils will issue a compliance certificate which is valid for three years.

There are many regulations which apply to swimming pools; here is a quick checklist to see if you are still meeting some of the basic requirements of pool owners.

•   Is your pool surrounded at all times by a child-resistant barrier consisting of fencing of a height no less than 1.2 metres (1.8 metres if a boundary fence) and/or your house wall?

•   Are your barrier, gates and doors in good working condition?

•   Are the doors and gates providing access to your pool area kept securely closed at all times when not in actual use?

It is important that all pool owners register their pool as of 29 October 2013, not only because it’s a legal requirement and failure to comply can result in fines, but also because abiding by the swimming pool regulations may potentially save a life.

Register your swimming pool at – if you’re unsure if your pool complies with all of the regulations, you can also access a variety of checklists on this website.

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