Customer satisfaction is vital to success and survival in today’s marketplace. There’s an old saying in business: a happy customer will tell one or two people, an unhappy customer will tell ten. It pays to keep your customers happy – especially when doing business online. Check out our 5 tips to help improve your online customer service.

Our Top 5 Tips to Improve Online Customer Service

As the emphasis on online business continues to grow, there are now many different mediums available for unsatisfied customers to voice their complaints. Official Facebook pages, Twitter updates, YouTube videos, blogs and review websites all have the potential to be shared to millions of subscribers and readers. We have compiled our top 5 tips to help businesses improve their online customer service.

Tip 1: Automate Your Business’ Sales Process to Keep Customers Up To Date

Generate emails thanking them for opting in to your newsletters, making a purchase, becoming a member, or to confirm their items have been shipped. This keeps customers up to date without them having to seek out the information for themselves.

Tip 2: Create a Detailed FAQ Page

A detailed FAQ page answers common questions customers usually ask about your company, product or service. By having a FAQ page you can make things easier for many potential customers. Be sure to answer enquiries within a 24 hour timeframe, this shows you have an effective process in place and that you value your customers.

Tip 3: Be Easy to Contact – Anywhere, Anytime

Make your contact details available on every page or provide a link to your company’s contact us page. It is frustrating for customers to have to search through your website just to find an email address or phone number.

Tip 4: Personalise Your Correspondence

Always use your customer’s name in all correspondence you have with them. Be sure to also record all of the data and information they have provided for future use. Also, invest in email management software to assist you with all your email marketing.

Tip 5: Ask Your Customers How You Can Improve

Send out short surveys to your customers asking them what they liked about your product/service and how they think you could improve. This will show you are always looking for ways to better your service.

Remember, good customer service doesn’t have to be costly. A small gesture such thanking customers for their business can help maintain a positive image for your brand. For further information on what Clarity Marketing has to offer your business, contact the marketing experts on +61 411 139 881 or email