Positives of Business Blogging

1.  It is a great “free” service you are providing for your customers

Blogs are a great way to provide new tips and facts to your clients on a regular basis. By sending regular articles to clients they will be less likely to forget your company and the services you provide. This is great if your clients happen to need to use your services again.

2.  Blogging gives your business a voice and personality

Blogging enables companies to have a voice and project personality into their business. It opens up discussion points with your clients and may prove valuable when researching the market for new ideas and developments, ways to improve service or designs, or to create a network of people with common interests.

3.   Business blogging creates great content for your website

Companies that publish blog posts regularly are constantly updating and producing new quality content on their website. Generally speaking, this leads to higher website traffic as Google deems the information as relevant and fresh. Additionally, quality content laden with SEO contributes to your overall ranking with Google in their organic search engine rankings (and results in higher traffic levels). Blogging allows you to build your brand/business as an expert in the industry or field it operates in. Comment, explain and discuss new trends or changes in your industry – by consistently providing quality, truthful content to your client base, you build rapport and trust with your clients and readers.

4.  Blogging is the foundation for all your social media initiatives

By blogging, you are able to promote and link your articles to all your social media initiatives such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. There are multiple platforms to create awareness from and it is just as easy for your readers to share your blog with their own contacts through the use of plugins.

5.  Blogging helps to expand your business’ reach

You significantly extend your business reach beyond where you’re located physically by blogging online. Internet users are able to access your blog and website 24/7 and leave questions or feedback in the comments section.

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