What are Exchange Traded Funds?

Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs, are an investment fund, similar to a managed fund, traded on the stock market, similar to stocks. Most ETFs track an index such as a stock index or a bond index.

Whilst many investors have moved away from managed funds to direct shares in their self managed superannuation fund in order to take more control to align or correlate the superannuation investment strategy with their individual circumstances, this has meant that many SMSF investors are overweight in Australian Shares.

Unlike Australian Shares, most trustees feel uncomfortable selecting direct overseas shares such as Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Target, Visa etc. Rather than investing in Managed Funds that invest in overseas markets, Trustees are considering ETFs that mirror an overseas market index. The advantage of the ETF is that the fees and charges are normally less than an equivalent managed fund.

With the decline in the $A from $US1.05 twelve months ago to $US0.73 at the time of writing many trustees have seen substantial growth in the performance of their overseas ETFs when compared to the performance of the Australian Share market.

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